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A trusted source of objective advice and support for the future of sustainable, profitable fisheries.
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Expert advice for all fisheries sectors and stakeholders

MarFishEco blends world-class expertise from fisheries economics, ecology, social sciences and policy to deliver objective advice and unique insights for industry, government and non-governmental entities.

At MarFishEco, we believe that no two clients have the exact same goals. That is why MarFishEco prides itself on individually tailored projects for our partners. We confidently guide our clients from strategy to implementation using robust scientific and data expertise that recognizes complexity yet values simplicity.



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A sustainable future for the fisheries sector relies on objective advice and trusted relationships.

The insights distilled by MarFishEco help shape operating and investment decisions that generate greater ecological, economic and social business resilience, enhancing the status of wild stocks, promoting efficiency and security throughout the fisheries supply chain, and building better brand reputations for marketing partners. At MarFishEco we believe that the way to a sustainable future for the fisheries sector is one that involves the production of impartial and holistic knowledge that accounts for diverse stakeholder groups.

We provide trusted advice across multiple industry sectors on sustainable and profitable futures for the marine fisheries sector. Our services strengthen decision making, establish a competitive advantage and enhance the value business delivers to society.