At MarFishEco we have worked with stakeholders throughout the supply chain from fishers and processors to managers and policy makers. We work both with small scale artisanal fishery projects right through to large scale industrial sector initiatives, at local, national and international levels. Whether its an NGO, government or international organization, we can adapt to fit the scale of your needs and satisfy your project requirements to the highest level.
Commercial fishing boat


Technical comments for offshore wind farm developments

After rapid developments in California’s plans for offshore wind power generation, the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) requested comment on the impacts of such developments on State fish stocks and fishery operations. The MarFishEco team were tasked with analyzing and distilling a large amount of scientific literature on the potential consequences of new wind farms being proposed. Data was also collated from a number of government facilities pertaining to the operations of California’s fishing fleet and port locations to predict the impacts of area closures around the proposed wind farm sites. The report produced by MFE was incorporated with similar reports on marine mammal interactions, bird populations and seabed communities and was successfully submitted to BOEM and used in their stakeholder negotiations and decision making processes.


Due diligence mission for the acquisition of shellfish mariculture facilities

MarFishEco were asked to investigate the risks associated with the acquisition of a 10 million (AUD) facility in Australia by a SE Asian owned aquaculture consortium. Field visits with both the client’s current operations and the Australian facilities were undertaken over the course of a month. The MFE team formalized findings in a acquisition dossier which included risk assessments and cost benefit analyses of the various facilities owned by the Australian company, productivity prediction based on the previous 10 years operations (whilst also modeling different climate change scenarios), documentation to navigate the legal complexities and trade requirements of international acquisition and transfer of ownership, and general recommendations summarizing the mission for both the company directors and shareholders. Multiple iterations of the process were undertaken in which the Australian firm were able to produce evidence or adapt terms of acquisition in line with the client needs based on the reports produced by MFE.

Seafish Industry Authority

Best practice guidance of fishing gear economics assessments

Following considerable lobbying across the EU to reduce fisheries bycatch, Seafish came to the MarFishEco team to ask for help evaluating the current knowledge base related to economic assessments of fishing gear trials. Following a comprehensive literature review of peer-review and government literature along with expert interviews and an expert workshop was organized in early 2017. The results from the review and feedback from the workshop indicated a significant gap in knowledge related to standardized methods for the economic assessment of gear trials. In collaboration with Seafish, MFE were then asked to design, build and test an online toolto help vessel owners and those running gear trials to assess the financial implicationsof changes to their gear.


Fisheries techno-economic assessment of fishing ports and landing sites

MarFishEco was asked to participate in a national techno-economic assessment of marine fisheries in Grenada (Caribbean). The work first involved designing a robust sampling strategy that would cover a representative sample of the fish landings sites in Grenada and the construction of a stakeholder survey used during field visits. Ten days in Grenada were spent in collaboration with other consultants culminating in a stakeholder meeting to inform fisheries managers, heads of cooperatives and processors about the results of the profile of Grenada’s fisheries technologies and needs. The final report also included the synthesis of a number of recommendations for the Grenadian government based on our findings and discussions in the stakeholder workshop.

The Nature Conservancy

Economic evaluation of marine-based tourism operations

The MarFishEco team were asked to help initiate a project with The Nature Conservancy (TNC) to understand the current state of research in Mexico related to marine tourism and blue growth opportunities. Following an in-depth quantitative literature review, a formal analysis using statistics from Mexico’s national statistics board and field surveys undertaken by MFE, estimates of national economic returns from marine-based tourism were calculated and the potential impacts of growth on marine ecological dynamics assessed.