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We are a global network of fisheries experts with multidisciplinary skills and experience in over 30 countries. We offer tailored solutions for sustainable fisheries futures.

1. Global reach

MarFishEco comprises a network of senior fishery professionals with hands-on involvement in more than 30 countries. Our international experience ensures that we offer a truly global perspective on fisheries sustainability.

2. Multidisciplinary expertise

MFE blend expertise from multiple fields, including ecology, economics, social sciences, and policy. Our multi-faceted approaches allow us to provide holistic and comprehensive advice to diverse client portfolios across fisheries and related sectors.

3. Customized solutions

MarFishEco takes pride in tailoring projects to meet the unique goals of our partners. We recognize that no two clients are the same, and our individually tailored solutions guide clients from strategy to implementation.

4. Sustainability focus

MFE's mission is to accelerate transformations towards ecologically sustainable, economically viable, and socially just fisheries futures. We contribute to building resilience, enhancing wild stock status, improving supply chain efficiency, bolstering sustainable brand reputations and ensuring safe fishing operations globally.


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